About Us

All the products we have already selected are tested in our kennel, by our experience, with the highest quality re­quirements and reaching for the best results. Technology, as the whole animal care market, does not stand still, it is constantly evolving, so we are always looking for solu­tions, tools that will help us and you to achieve the high­est result, efficiency, allow us to enjoy the impeccable ap­pearance of your pet.

The creator: Janita J. Plunge

The animals are important to me throughout my life – I always loved and admired them and was passionate about dog breeding at a young age. When I was 16 my parents allowed me on my birthday to acquire a puppy – purebred poodle. At the age of 17 I started to groom my dog and other dogs, and at the age of 18 headed the Lithuanian poodle lovers club. Being 23 year old I became an international judge.

Participating in shows in different countries presenting my pets to the world has become an integral part of my life. In 1999 one of my biggest dreams came true – this was the date when “Tauto Kennel” was founded, where I have started to work with three different breeds: the Bichon Frise, Maltese and Pomeranian Spitz breed.

Our raised dogs are the winners of many world exhibitions and have won more than 1500 champion titles throughout the entire history of the kennel.

Invaluable more than 30 years of experience in breeding and grooming, allows me to understand the quality of a good tool.

What material it should be made of, or what qualities it should have. During my practice I have probably tried almost all possible equipment and pets' cosmetics in the world. And then I decided to create the best cosmetics and equipment.

I have started long journey of trials to select the best producer, that could fulfil all requirements I had. It took a few years to work out perfect materials to the smallest detail.

Today I am more than happy to represent you a unique Tauro pro line cosmetics and equipment which are made precisely from the best materials and in a best possible quality to give you the experience of a truly professional approach to your pets' care routine.

Our Philosophy

We truly believe that every pet in theworld deserves healthy skin and healthy hair. We also know that they all aredifferent and unique, therefore, to promote quality coat growth and maintain healthy looking skin, we have created two cosmetics lines for White coated and Healthy coated pets.